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Top 5 words of 2015

Published: January 13, 2016

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for the new year? We are pretty excited about ours: to inspire you here on our brand new blog once a week with funny social media top 5 lists. Learn something new or just giggle a little, we promise you amusing and useful tips every week! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and you won’t miss a thing!


2015 was a great year for new lingo in social media. Here is our top 5 list:


1. Bae
= Short for baby/a loved one.


2. Squad
= often used when talking about a group of close friends or ‪#‎SquadGoals‬; a group of friends you would like to have.


3. Basic
= everybody knows what basic means but in 2015 nobody wanted to be basic. Also referred to as ‪#‎BasicBitch‬.


4. On fleek
= on point, perfect, strong game. Often used when talking about eyebrows. Yeah, eyebrows were a big deal in 2015.


= Fear Of Missing Out, we all know the feeling! Take this test by Buzzfeed to reveal how badly you are suffering from FOMO.

Stay tuned for another Top 5 list next week!


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