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Published: January 27, 2016
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Apps make our lives so much easier. Here are 5 apps that we can’t live without when working with social media. Enjoy!

facebook ad manager

1. Facebook Ads Manager App
This app helps us get a great overview of the ads we are running on Facebook. We use it daily to keep track on our ads, how they are performing and it is also possible to create ads straight from the app.


2. Google Drive App
OK, we admit it! We are Google Drive junkies!! We have numerous documents like posting schedules, planning and presentations on Google Drive. But we also use it for picture sharing. This app helps us to get access to all our Google Drive docs and pictures from our smartphones.


3. Enlight App
This app might be pricy but it is the best photo editor app we know. It is very user friendly and only your imagination limits you to what you can create with this app.


4. Flipagram App
This app is perfect if you want to showcase several pictures and add some nice music to tell your story. Create nice content for Instagram with this app!


5. Hootsuite App
This app helps us to schedule posts for all our different social media channels that we are managing. It makes our lives easier when we can plan our posts ahead of time.

Stay tuned for another Top 5 list next week! Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more tips and social media news.


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