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Read your Customer Service feedback

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So, your are probably familiar with the fact that surveys show that most people want a reply to their comment on a company’s social media page within 1 hour. Have you ever wondered why?

Here’s a shortlist:

1) Customers view your social media as customer service channels

2) Customers view your social media as the fastest form of communication with your brand

3) Customers have the feeling that on social media, your brand is “always online”.

Therefore we suggest, that if you can’t meet the demands of replying within a couple of hours, you should reconsider your social media presence.

Now, if you work with communication, you will probably come in contact with the comments that your customers write on Facebook, Instagram etc. but here’s a tip going forward: read your customer service e-mails too from time to time. Even though the e-mails are handled in a separate department, you need to be on top of what’s being said and what your product feedback is. With the knowledge taken from the e-mail feedback you can compare it to your social media comment-feedback, use it to develop better content for social media and adapt your company communication to fit the questions and praise you get from your customers. We suggest you set up a process where you read some comments every week – to ensure that your social media channels aren’t one way communication highways


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