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New feature: Instagram Galleries – Changes the Feed



Instagram is rolling out a new feature making it possible to upload several photos or videos in one post! Simply press a button and choose up to 10 pictures/videos from your camera roll to upload at once. The content needs to be square sized. When the gallery is posted small dots underneath the post will indicate that more images or videos are available by swiping.  The new Instagram feature will add more possibilities but also change the dynamic of Instagram once again. Watch the video above to see how it works!

“The gallery feature will totally change how people use Instagram and how the users of the social media scroll the feed.” – Youtopia

Are you excited about the new update or do you think it is unnecessary?

From a business point of view we are excited since this feature has existed for sponsored posts on Instagram when publishing carousel ads, but now it will be available for unsponsored posts as well and that means more possibilities to show more inspiring images for the brands we are working for. We do have questions regarding statistics – Will views now be counted for the whole gallery or still for each individual image or video? It will be hard to evaluate how good your content is performing if it is not possible to see views for each picture. We look forward to try out the new feature and hopefully get a better idea of how it works behind the scenes.

Is the feature not available to you on Instagram yet? Relax! As always new features are rolled out on Instagram to a few users first and then to everyone. You will probably see it in your app very soon, make sure to update to the newest version of the app.

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