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Instagram Stories


A couple of days ago, Instagram became a bit more like Snapchat after having rolled out the feature of Instagram Stories. It basically works like your Snapchat story. You can record a video or take a picture, add it to your daily story and it stays there for 24 hours before disappearing.

Not so hot!
It may seem a bit copy-catty to mimic a feature in such an obvious way, but here’s why it makes sense:
– Instagram has been struggling to stay fresh and keep its younger audience.
– Snapchat has been exceptionally good at attracting more people from that audience.
– Instagram needed a feature that highlights it’s “here and now” INSTANT mood.

Despite this, we personally would have wished that Instagram came up with something new and groundbreaking way to stay fresh instead. Well anyhow…

How can marketers benefit from Instagram Stories?

We see the feature as a perfect tool for influencers to use to communicate with their fans. Make your story the top viewed by all your followers. Brands already are trying it out themselves as well. NASA (who by the way are really good at social media), Wholefoods and Net-a-porter are a few who already tried it out. We recommend you use it to show some live moments with your brand and behind the scenes material.


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