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Have you tried live stream on Instagram?


Instagram has started to roll out what might be their biggest update yet – now it is possible to live stream on IG!
It’s an mixture of Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook Live but the videos will not be saved after your live stream session is over.

If you have turned on your push notifications on the Instagram app you will get a notification if someone you follow is live streaming.

How to livestream:

– Make sure your Instagram app is updated to the latest version. It could be that you can’t see the feature just yet because it is not released for everyone but probably will be very soon.

– Press the story feature and slide to the left choosing “LIVE” and press the “start Live Video” button on the bottom of the screen

Have you tried the feature yet? Let us know in the comments! Live streaming is cool to show your fans behind the scenes stuff, and we will probably use it for quick tutorials so please follow us on Instagram for our latest updates @youtopiase



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