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Read your Customer Service feedback

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So, your are probably familiar with the fact that surveys show that most people want a reply to their comment on a company’s social media page within 1 hour. Have you ever wondered why?

Here’s a shortlist:

1) Customers view your social media as customer service channels

2) Customers view your social media as the fastest form of communication with your brand

3) Customers have the feeling that on social media, your brand is “always online”.

Therefore we suggest, that if you can’t meet the demands of replying within a couple of hours, you should reconsider your social media presence.

Now, if you work with communication, you will probably come in contact with the comments that your customers write on Facebook, Instagram etc. but here’s a tip going forward: read your customer service e-mails too from time to time. Even though the e-mails are handled in a separate department, you need to be on top of what’s being said and what your product feedback is. With the knowledge taken from the e-mail feedback you can compare it to your social media comment-feedback, use it to develop better content for social media and adapt your company communication to fit the questions and praise you get from your customers. We suggest you set up a process where you read some comments every week – to ensure that your social media channels aren’t one way communication highways


Content – the spiral of engagement



If you learn anything about social media – it should be at least this: Content is not only key, it’s what makes or breaks your brand’s success in social media. It can become a spiral upwards or a downhill spiral of disaster.

It’s not enough to just create awareness, you want to engage your both a) your customers and b) your potential customers, and the two segments may have to be communicated to differently. How do you create relevant content that appeals to a broad segment?

Lets look at some really good examples. If your brand covers a lot of different interests, you might want to follow the likes of global brand Nike, who made a separate Facebook page for e.g. golf, basketball, football. That makes sense, not only because they are a huge brand, but also because they can adjust the message to be relevant to the followers. We also love how how they create campaign themes, according to some basic brand values, and spread it through their social media channels. Right now, it’s EQUALITY. Let’s face it, it’s a message many can relate to and want to engage in today. So they have connected with what’s going on in the world today, and what their brand initially stands for.

ScreenHunter_234 Mar. 05 20.22

Another great tool is the use of competitions. By asking your followers to show their own pictures, you encourage engagement. But make sure that what your asking for is a) easy enough to do, b) not against any rules on your social media channel of choice and c) that you ask your followers to keep their profiles public so that you can see their entry. Many people don’t know that private profiles on Instagram does not allow their competition post to appear, leaving you with fewer entries than you could have gotten.

H&M often have really good and engaging competitions.

ScreenHunter_235 Mar. 05 20.25

Another good tip is to use the new functions when they are new on different social media channels. Facebook often allow new functions to be exposed to more views, because they want to spread the use of the function. So if you can find a good way to communicate relevant and interesting content using new functions, don’t waste time – do it.

Just this past Wednesday, H&M STUDIO live streamed their spring/summer line 2017 directly from the runway. Now you don’t need to buy expensive tickets to get a front seat at fashion shows.


So think smart, not outside the box, but as if there was no box, and you will make your social media content a spiral of engagement – where the followers increase as they find your content relevant, interesting, fun and engaging.

Short re-cap on how to create this magic upwards spiraling content:

- Consider dividing your communication into several brand pages.

- Utilize core values that are consistent with your brand, but also speaks to people personally.

- Engage your followers in easy and fun competitions.

- Use new functions/features to get the most views you can, and to create a hype.

We wish you good luck! :)


New feature: Instagram Galleries – Changes the Feed



Instagram is rolling out a new feature making it possible to upload several photos or videos in one post! Simply press a button and choose up to 10 pictures/videos from your camera roll to upload at once. The content needs to be square sized. When the gallery is posted small dots underneath the post will indicate that more images or videos are available by swiping.  The new Instagram feature will add more possibilities but also change the dynamic of Instagram once again. Watch the video above to see how it works!

“The gallery feature will totally change how people use Instagram and how the users of the social media scroll the feed.” – Youtopia

Are you excited about the new update or do you think it is unnecessary?

From a business point of view we are excited since this feature has existed for sponsored posts on Instagram when publishing carousel ads, but now it will be available for unsponsored posts as well and that means more possibilities to show more inspiring images for the brands we are working for. We do have questions regarding statistics – Will views now be counted for the whole gallery or still for each individual image or video? It will be hard to evaluate how good your content is performing if it is not possible to see views for each picture. We look forward to try out the new feature and hopefully get a better idea of how it works behind the scenes.

Is the feature not available to you on Instagram yet? Relax! As always new features are rolled out on Instagram to a few users first and then to everyone. You will probably see it in your app very soon, make sure to update to the newest version of the app.

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