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5 tips to help you answer negative comments

Published: April 24, 2016
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Do you get uncomfortable when you get a negative comment in social media? Don’t worry – we are here to help. Read our 5 best tips on how to handle negative comments.

1. Be fast
When someone asks a questions or address a problem on your social media page they expect an answer fast. Studies show that 53% of all consumers expect businesses to answer within a day and 42% expect an answer within an hour or faster! It is super important to follow up and give an answer as fast as possible.


2. Be professional
Even if you do have to answer fast it is important to give a good answer that is well thought through. Take your time to make sure that you are answering in the best way possible. Maybe discuss what to answer briefly with your colleagues to get someone else’s input. Remeber that you represent your business everytime you answer a comment and if it is a negative one, it is even more important to have this in mind. How does your business want to handle this problem the best possible way?


3. Apologize
When a customer has had a bad experience using your products or services, always apologize.
It doesn’t matter if it actually is your fault or someone else’s. You need to make sure that the customer gets back on your page, and an apology is always a good way to start. This is also very important when your other followers are reading the comments and what you replied. They need to see that you care about your customers and are willing to apologize and fix the problem if something goes wrong.


4. Compensate and refer to support
If possible try to solve the problem by refunding or compensating. It is a good idea to refer the angry customer to your support email, to avoid the discussion to continue on your social media channels. If you can’t compensate at least refer to the support to get the customer’s full feedback and learn from it.

“We are sorry that you feel that our services did not live up to your experiences. We would love to get a full detailed story of what happened through email and learn from it.”


5. Learn from it!
Every time you get a bad comment, try to ask yourself if there is anything you can learn from it. Especially if several customers complain about the same thing. Could you have done something differently? Is there something in your processes that needs to be changed? Try to learn from the bad comment and adjust accordingly. Sometimes there is nothing you could have done differenly – shit happens. Then you should just drop it and move on (after answering professionally of course), but if there is something you can adjust to avoid getting future bad comments about the same thing – change it straight away!

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