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If you lack time, energy or creativity to post or advertise on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, let us do it for you!

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“You can’t buy friends anymore,
you have to deserve them”

Youtopia is a social media management agency. We take care of your digital marketing campaigns. We create a strategy for your social media platforms and make sure that you get the most out of your CPC campaigns. We create content, build your brand and make you visible in the deep sea called the marketplace. We are your beacon, your light. And we do the job with expertise, ease and a big portion of joy. Start working with us today.

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our services include

Brand analysis

Which are your core values and how are these perceived by your potential customers? We’ll take a closer look at your brand and measure it against your competition as well as your future goals.

Social media strategy

Which channels are best suited for your brand? To gain the most out of your social network, you don’t have to be everywhere, just be where it matters. We’ll create a hands-on plan for you.

Content creation

From informative posts to creative competitions – We’ll create a complete campaign concept backed up by professional copywriting and tailored, high quality content (image/video/graphics). We post updates, interact with customers, identify useful hashtags, extend your business network and make sure that your online presence is alive & kicking.

Social media campaigns

We are your social media managers. We can manage all your digital marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Google, and optimize your advertising to make sure that you get the most out of your CPC campaigns. Just sit back and watch it happen.

Digital & Printed media updates

To make sure there’s a clear connection between your social media channel(s) and your website we can help you with evaluating your website and update texts, graphics and customer flow. We can create specialized content for brochures, pamphlets/white papers, your website and more.

Follow-up and evaluation

After each campaign, we evaluate the results using several pre-defined key metrics. You’ll receive a case report containing your current vantage point as well as a few suggestions on how to stand out in the crowd even more.

Case studies

we are Youtopia


“Social media is about relationships, make yourself memorable”

She is a natural planner with extensive experience from digital campaign management and PPC campaigns (Facebook and Google Adwords), creating content and analyzing ad campaign results for customers like Disney, LEGO, Twentieth Century Fox and Dreamworks. She loves picking the fruit of a correctly optimized campaign and leaves no stone unturned when striving for desired results. Music, family and good friends is a great inspiration. She’s the big sister with a sense for details.

+46 760 23 70 53 |


“It’s not what you say, it’s how you make people feel”.

A social communication wizard. With a solid background in community management, she is an expert in creating a connection with an audience and how to take out a fire if it occurs. As the Head of Social Media at watAgame, a company that creates social media for kids, she knows how to plan a strategy for each channel and work towards reaching ambitious goals. She is creative to the bones and has that commercial intuition that is the icing on the Youtopia-cake. She loves music, dogs and fashion. She’s the little sister with big ideas.

+46 736 27 92 16 |


“Make every pixel count”

This experienced and versitile creative is no stranger to the digital arts. With background as freelance designer and web developer, he has worked with a plethora of brands, as well as created some of his own. May it be setting up a new brand identity or working with an established trademark, he is always up for the challenge. With an adaptive mindset and flexible graphic style, he is able to create visually stunning content, whatever the context may be. Addicted to music & coffee. He is the brother from an other mother.

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